10,000 billion kilograms, enough to pay for it?

for large developing countries like China, based on the domestic, is always important to ensure food self-sufficiency, food security, once lost autonomy, it is bound to lose the initiative in the future

autumn In October, the busiest season of farmers, but the uncle was busy Northeast home down.

uncle is not idle labor from agricultural mechanization has brought liberation, but because the land planted to bid farewell to 20 years: building roads to the town area, uncle happy to remaining with the family more than two acres of paddy fields in exchange for more than 10 million compensation.

“Are you afraid of the future, not food to eat?”

“I do not farming, other farmers will be kind, we produce so much grain each country, how could without food it? “for my question, uncle some disagree,” land so much money, enough to buy food to eat, we can make time to go out to work, what’s wrong with it? “

In fact, now the same as the uncle to give up a few farmers to grow grain, which is worrying signs of a people.

recent years, with countries supporting food has intensified, food production is expected to achieve the “Eighth by” stable for five years more than 10,000 billion kilograms. With a series of Harvest makes a solid foundation for economic development, but some are also the breeding ground for grassroots cadres and masses blind optimism, a lot of people think that 10,000 tons of grain enough to eat, even if some fluctuations, but also can rely on the international market to make up for the future no longer for food worry about.

Chinese people really end on the “iron rice bowl” it? Careful analysis, it is not.

home, the food supply situation is still grim. With the rapid economic and social development, land, water and other resource constraints become increasingly prominent, the deployment of these limited resources better, to ensure stable grain production, the challenge is not small. At the same time, various types of natural disasters and frequent, agricultural infrastructure remains weak, dependent on the weather situation has not fundamentally changed, combined with relatively low efficiency of grain, taxation and other unfavorable factors contribute to the small grain in some places, grasping food decline in the enthusiasm, the future food supply pressure will gradually increase.

supply increase hurdles, the level of demand is increasing. Population increase, the proportion of urban population increase, the demand for an annual increase of about seventy to eighty tons. In addition, the standard of living increased dramatically, meat, eggs and other agricultural needs are growing rapidly, which requires a lot of food to transformation, so keep a tight balance between supply and demand of food really is not easy.

difficult domestic self-sufficiency, job security through the international market as unreliable. On the one hand, the international food is not enough to buy. The current global food trade only 5,000 billion kilograms per year or so, less than half of China’s total grain output. On the other hand, the key moment will not buy. A large number of Chinese in the international market to buy food, will inevitably lead to sharply rising prices, true to the deficit when the regulation will be difficult for exporters to compensate the gap.

Min of this, will be funded in the food, Anggun prosper, Juegu the crisis. The practice at home and abroad that, regardless of when, to solve the problem of feeding the people, are bringing peace to the country’s top priority. For a large developing country like China is, based on domestic self-sufficiency has always been to ensure that food is particularly important because a country with 1.3 billion people, food security, once lost autonomy, it is bound to lose the initiative in the future.

firm 10,000 billion kilograms a new level, cause for rejoicing, but must not be blindly optimistic. Food production falls behind. The face of “Eighth by” a good situation, we should remain sober-minded and continue to the basic supply of food based on the domestic security as the primary objective of promoting agricultural modernization, adhere to the policy, technology, investment, markets go hand in hand, so that there is something to look forward to grain farmers , so that local food has caught momentum, the only way to truly ensure food security, the livelihood of the people in their own hands firmly side.