China’s first official shipment export light rail vehicles

Xinhua Changchun Nov. 16 (Xinhua Chu Xiaoliang) 11 16, CNR CNR third largest city of Mashad Iran exported the light rail car full shipment in Dalian, which is China’s first Light Rail Vehicle Export Project. After the arrival of vehicles, will address the completion of Mashad line operation of emergency vehicles free for many years.

It is understood that the vehicle export Mashad, 70% low-floor light rail vehicles, running speed of 80 km per hour, using carbon steel body, with advanced technology, beautiful appearance, light weight, green environmental protection and other features. Vehicle to a complete design and test standards used in Europe, designed to fully integrate into the Islamic culture, learn Mashad city of traditional and modern architectural elements, choose silver, blue and white color with the overall design reflects the stylish, dynamic and beyond to meet the Mashad city of simple, stylish, transparent, easy cleaning and maintenance requirements.

It is understood that CNR CNR low-floor vehicles, the company’s R & D technology is the only domestic and international leading level, and has formed a specialized series of product development structure, the 70% low floor Car has been operating successfully for over two years in Changchun.