China’s gift to the South Sudan independence in the first set of stamps 100 000

Xinhua Juba July 11 (Xinhua reporter Li Zhihui Lin Yan) Chinese Embassy on the 11th in southern Sudan to Southern Sudan Ministry of telecommunications and postal services donated 100,000 stamps, issued by the State as the new first set of stamps.

a total of three stamps were printed with the southern Sudan flag, national emblem and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement leader John Garang, the former head, according to Southern Sudan is China’s telecommunications and postal services designed to assist the Ministry of views and printed, fully reflect the people of South Sudan for an independent state of joy and pride. In addition, the Embassy also presented on behalf of the Government of Southern Sudan Southern Sudan’s 10 states, 10 postmark.

Zhiguo Chinese charge d’affaires in southern Sudan, said at the donation ceremony, the stamp is a symbol of national sovereignty, the stamps contain the Chinese people’s deep friendship to the people of South Sudan. China is willing to mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, based on the continuous development of friendly relations and cooperation with the South Sudan and South Sudan to join the United Nations and support China-Africa Cooperation Forum.

Southern Sudan Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services Madu Te years of Chinese for their help and their support. He said the southern Sudan want to take lessons from China’s development experience, as soon as possible to achieve national rejuvenation.

according to Sudan’s north-south “Comprehensive Peace Agreement” and the referendum earlier this year the South, southern Sudan Republic was proclaimed on September 9. Communique signed between China and South Sudan the day, the formal establishment of diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level.