Department of Housing: means housing support will gradually go to the main monetary subsidies

China News Network October 27 Twenty-Third Session of the Eleventh National People’s Congress today held a joint meeting of the State Council on urban construction and management of affordable housing in the work of the special inquiry report. Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Jiang Weixin said in answer to members asking, “Twelve Five”, the Chinese way of housing security will gradually go to the main monetary subsidies.

Jiang Weixin said, basic housing security system, including the scope of protection, security mode, security mechanisms, objectives and principles of the past few years are indeed constantly perfected. Coverage is low-income housing and some middle-income, no house to live and housing problems, housing difficulties, including not complete, hundreds of people share a bathroom. Way or the physical security and monetary subsidies in two ways, a little more than two years of physical security, “Twelve Five” were gradually go to the main monetary subsidies.

Jiang Weixin said that physical security is divided into rent and sale. Mechanism is mainly two mechanisms, one input mechanism, one is the construction and management of distribution system operation, both are constantly perfected.

Jiang Weixin said the end of 2020, is the vast majority of urban residents live in complete compliance with civilized requirements, health requirements of the house were to go to the “Twelve Five”, according to the present preliminary measure to protect the rate of about 20% of households. To protect the basic principle is to meet housing needs, the small size, function, good quality.