Egypt may Give Emi Ge 29 to Buy China Xiaolong Fighter

News: Ukraine Kiev Weekly recently reported that in recent years, Russia has been trying to persuade Egypt to buy 40 MiG -29 fighter jets. But now, the Beijing government might undermine the agreement – Egypt’s military is currently holding talks with Pakistani, Italian production in Egypt is China Xiaolong fighter.

Reported, although Xiaolong fighter MiG compare specifications, but Xiaolong Bimi Ge 3.5 times cheaper, its price was only 10 million U.S. dollars. Obviously, for the Egyptians, the price is the determining factor.

Interestingly, China Xiaolong fighter is equipped with Russian RD-93 engines. It turned out that Russia is a direct competitor with its co-production of fighter jets, which fighter is the Russian defense industry, one of the main export commodities.

Reports that the MiG Aircraft Corporation and Sukhoi aircraft company in charge of military technical cooperation has been the Russian Federation Council and the Russian arms export company issued an open letter to China protesting Russia signed 100 RD-93 engines contract, the contract originally signed in May.

For the open letter, although the Russian arms export company responded, but choose to support China. In this regard, a representative of the company said: “This re-export is in accordance with the Russian government’s decree to implement. And, with the finished product manufacturer to sign such a contract does not require any formalities.”

Reported There is currently unable to determine the decision of Russia to obtain a rebate, or there is negligence or powerless factors. In fact, this failure will lead to the Russian loss of large sums of money.

Any case, the Russian leadership finally recognized the threat from their Chinese competitors. Recently, according to the instructions of the Government in Moscow, the Russian Ministry of public procurement published on its website dedicated to the research survey of a Chinese distinction between strategic and tactical weapons and military hardware vendor bidding the contract. The contract value of 200,000 rubles. The survey results will be used as a report submitted to the Russian President to prepare.

Face of China’s arms export model, the Russian research should focus on how China will view in Moscow from within their own market activities.

Plans to study in Russia, China’s share in the field of arms export advantage, China is continuing to develop this advantage. The Chinese government said China’s aviation industry within the next five years necessary to achieve independence, not dependence on imported Russian aircraft engines. At present, China imports two Russian-made engines: AL-31 (priced 3.5 million U.S. dollars, for the Soviet Union -27/30, F -11, F -10) and RD-93 (priced 2.5 million U.S. dollars, is MiG – 29 fighters to replace the engine, used for both Xiaolong fighter).

Long ago, industry experts have forecast that China’s position in the global arms market will gradually improve, while Russia will gradually be marginalized. This happens mainly because Russia inherited from the Soviet era and the basis of technical reserves are to the end. In the past 20 years, the Russian defense industry enterprises have gradually abandoned their human resources, production skills and manufacturing capabilities. Want to make up for this loss, even though several billions of dollars in “petrodollars”, not an easy task.

By the Russian Ministry of Defense and Industry Committee published a report of an analysis of the situation on the Russian arms industry was analyzed and found that one-third of Russia’s military industrial enterprises has been basically closed down; Russian military in the field of R & D investment funds ten times lower than the industrialized countries; staff training investment 5 times lower than in industrialized countries; labor efficiency index lower than the world five to ten times; more than half of the requirements to meet the weapons design and production expertise is not lost, is outdated; according to many indicators, The very poor state of most military enterprises – more than half of its production equipment wear rate of 100 percent.

Particular note, the Russian defense hardware, high rate of production loss. Typically, the Russian defense industry into one ruble per, would lose 97 kopecks, which means that most companies the real profit rate of 3%. In addition, the Russian defense industry still faces many technical hurdles, Moscow’s recent decision to purchase the French helicopter carrier and the Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles to illustrate this point, not to mention its also purchase armor plate, such as Germany or France, such as infrared imager components and technology.

In fact, Russia’s export potential almost dried up. Although Russia can in the next 5 to 7 years to maintain the world’s number one arms exporter’s name, but the face of the technical objective factors to the future performance of the global arms market is not optimistic.

To the end of this decade, when most of the world arms importers will gradually switch to the next generation of weapons. Moreover, there is no doubt that China and India will compete for the arms export market, efforts. In theory, this means that China will account for low-end export market. In any case, if current trends continue, Russia will probably not compete with them. (Compiled: Spring)