Ford engineers Yuxiang Dong China steal secrets jailed for 70 months

Local 12, of wide public concern, “Ford spy case” settled in Michigan, served in a local court ruled the Ford Motor Company engineers Yuxiang Dong Chinese convicted of theft of industrial secrets, its fine 70 months imprisonment and a fine of $ 12,500.

Previously, Yu Xiangdong has admitted to copying from the Ford commercial confidential information. U.S. Federal Court statement said that in the case without the knowledge of Ford, Yuxiang Dong at the end of 2006, a 4000 internal document copied to the external computer, which relates to doors, mirrors, steering components, power systems, wipers, and other auto parts and other intellectual property rights. Ford Ford described the data are the “DNA”. It is estimated that these industries over $ 50,000,000 worth of information.

a year ago, Yuxiang Dong’s former girlfriend said to Ford, Yu Xiangdong the relevant information to a potential employer. October 14, 2009, Beijing Automotive Research Institute when he was an engineer Yuxiang Dong International Airport in Chicago was the U.S. entry, the police arrested.

Beiqi denied awful cases of theft of industrial secrets of any association. Beiqi statement said, Yuxiang Dong in November 2008 with the Beijing Automotive signed a 3-year work contract, is responsible for the work of the Ministry of CAE technology and body design related issues. The statement also stressed that Beijing Automotive has always respected the protection of intellectual property, and is committed to the development of independent brands.

U.S. prosecutors had hoped sentenced to 78 months in prison Yuxiang Dong, said the need to felony theft to prevent the occurrence of other industrial secrets. Final Yuxiang Dong was sentenced to 70 months imprisonment after he served his sentence will be sent back to China.

Yuxiang Dong, 49, who is in Nantong, Jiangsu, in 1985 the United States for further study from Pennsylvania State University in 1992, graduated from Department of Mechanics, enter the auto industry work. The next year, Yu Xiangdong Ji Bei famous Ford Motor Company hired vehicle crash safety design of the various problems and was invited to join the research team. In 1995, the Ford design task for the T184 when the collision, Yuxiang Dong was appointed chair of the project engineer and be successful, reaching a minimum of steel, using simple processing methods produce the same quality of product goals.