bow sights classify

How Can You Classify Bow Sight?

Bow sights, with another name as bow scopes, are devices usually mounted on the bow riser and help you aim your shot more easily and better. In other words, bow sights are designed with the aim to help hunters have the better view of the position of the missile as well as have more control of the position that they aim the arrow. Bow sights can be classified into different types of bow sights.

  1. Fixed Pin Sights

Fixed pin sights are considered as the most popular. These sights provide you with three to five pins. The top pin will be used when you are aiming at close range. For longer distances, the bottom pin is used.  The pins will be set with three or five distances that are easy to remember. The recommended increments are 5 or ten yard.

The task of tightening pins does not mean that you cannot adjust them. In fact, you can still readjust them in some cases. It will not be really difficult if you are good at measuring unknown distances.  However, the skill of measuring like this can be improved if you keep practicing through time.

  1. Moveable or Single Pin Sights

Actually, moveable pin sights are highly recommended for intermediate and advanced hunters.  While fixed pins sights are designed with three to five pins, movable pin sights just offer a single pin. So you have to control the entire housing unit either in the status of sliding up or down in order to adjust the pin.

Adjusting a movable pin sight is not hard work. You just have to use the white tape along the rear of this sight, and then this will help you mark the distance.

  1. Pendulum or Treestand Sights

As for the situations that the shooting areas are elevated areas, it requires the specific type of sight which can demand the requirement of shooting in such tough shot. In such case, judging the distance is more difficult than on the ground level. Using pendulum sight in these situations helps hunters be accurate. However, it may take several times to really understand how this type of sight works, especially for those who are familiar with fixed and movable sights, it may take a longer time to fully know about pendulum sight before using it.

In fact, most of these sights are just specifically designed to help hunters deal with short-range shots and downhill angles. It also means that a pendulum sight is not for those who hunt in ground areas.

  1. Competition Sights

As its name, competition sight (or target sight) is not originally designed for hunting.  In fact, there are still many hunters using this type of sight. However, will never be the very first recommendation, basing on its cost.

Therefore, competition sights are designed to offer exact precision. Because the price of this type of sight may cost you, dear, we definitely do not recommend you to invest into this for hunting purposes. However, it is exactly a must-have for those who tend to take part in an archery tournament.


Although hunting without a sight brings the hunters primitive feeling, bow sights is a great support to the hunters with better accuracy, which most of them cannot have without instinct. If you are ready to become a better hunter or have the intention to practice to be an expert in shooting competitions, take a careful look and then choose for yourself one suitable bow sight and enjoy all the advantages it can offer. We also hope that with the information covered in the classification above, you will have better research and have a deeper understanding about types of bow sights as well. Through the specific features and categories listed above, we believe that you have basically learned about fixed pins sights, movable pin sights, pendulum pin sights and competition sights. Therefore, with different purpose as well as the amount of money intended to invest, we think you have chosen the best sight for you.