Shenzhen Development CEOs reelection highest CEO salary 17,410,000

(Reporter Zhang Dong Ni) yesterday, “Forbes” has released the Chinese version of “2010 Best / most expensive CEO”, Shenzhen Development Bank Frank Newman reelected to 17.41 million yuan annual salary of the most expensive CEO. Bank of Beijing reached 2.674 million yuan annual salary of CEOs Yan Xiaoyan, a salary list of the top ten only female CEOs.

This is the “Forbes” the Chinese version of the sixth release of non-state-owned Chinese A share listed companies in the best / most expensive CEO survey. Non-state based on the A share listed companies in more than a million annual salary, CEO for the statistics, compared with the 2007,2008, A million-unit annual salary of non-state-owned listed companies continued to expand in the CEO ranks, this year reached a record 65 .

highest average annual salary for the CEO of 2.092 million yuan, of which about 57% (37) salary increase. On the whole, the most expensive CEO led the company in 2009 turnover up 11%, while net profit is up 100% year on year.

2010 Forbes list of Chinese CEO pay TOP10

Rank CEO / President / General Manager salary sex and age in 2009 (million) shares referred to as code

1 Frank Newman M 68 1741.0 Shenzhen Development Bank A 000001.SZ

2 Hong Qi M 53 626.8 Minsheng Bank 600016.SH

3 46 603.0 M Yin Yimin, ZTE 000063.SZ

4 54 484.2 M Ma Mingzhe Ping 601318.SH

5 43 372.0 M Fang Hongbo Midea 000527.SZ

6 Xiao-Hua Zhou M 43 279.9 World Union Properties 002285.SZ

7 40 276.2 Siyuan Chen Bangdong male electrical 002028.SZ

8 Yan Xiaoyan Female 59 267.4 Bank of Beijing 601169.SH

9 53 267.0 M Li Dongsheng TCL Group 000100.SZ

10 46 258.0 M Ye Qing Li Huaxin Cement 600801.SH