Taobao Mall CEO will close 20 company or to fight Tencent B2C

quite positive after a year of investment acquisitions and internal organizational restructuring, Tencent e-commerce in another step. Recently, Tencent announced, will be launched before the end of a large B2B2C (from supplier to distributor to consumer) e-commerce platform. This has led to the domestic electricity business bigwigs alert.

less than a week in the news release, Taobao Mall CEO Happy child domestic B2C companies with more than 20 high-level, near the Beijing Jianguomen a secret meeting to discuss club. Widely believed that Taobao Mall Tencent electricity provider for the platform “rainy day” response. However, Taobao related to the “Daily News” reporter, said this is just a gathering of individuals Happy child, Taobao had no comment.

Taobao Tencent quitting

“at the end, we will launch a large-scale B2B2C new e-commerce platform.” Tencent senior executive vice president Wu night light on the “Daily News” reporter said.

According to Wu Xiao-ray disclosed, Tencent open platform products, including a one-stop e-commerce e-commerce platform, SocialShop (social power providers), and radio business platform. Among them, the one-stop platform for electronic business model that B2B2C, and SocialShop Tencent friends will interact via electric providers to improve conversion rates. Currently, Tencent is working with all domestic large-scale e-commerce site to discuss cooperation.

widely believed, Tencent Taobao Mall this platform positioning with similar, or even rumors, Tencent about the new on-line electronic business platform will be known as Tao Tao ( According to the “Daily Economic News” about this domain has been used in class Tencent microblogging service “surging”, but “surging” since October 2010 after the closure has not been action.

expressed Tencent, Tencent electricity supplier does the new platform in the fourth quarter or early next year to enable an independent domain name, but the names have not yet identified specific, be sure that the domain name will be shopping closely related.

Although electronic business platform, Tencent has not been formally introduced, but, Tencent intensive meeting with the domestic large-scale e-commerce site Taobao’s move has attracted attention.

According to informed sources, on August 24, Happy child with more than 20 domestic B2C companies near the top in Beijing Jianguomen secret meeting of a club to discuss. The conference not only involved in the “Taobao Mall ready to China’s top 30 recruiting class to all B2C Taobao Mall shop”, but also future investment and trading shares details.

then, “Daily News” reporter from the e-commerce software and service providers where Cai Peng, vice president of ShopEx confirmed the news, but, Cai Peng refused to disclose the specific content of the meeting.

yesterday, Taobao stakeholders to respond to the “Daily News” reporter, said the meeting is a gathering of individuals Happy child; for what the outside world and commercial enterprises should draw electric power provider Tencent platform, the stakeholders that Taobao had no comment.

fact, Tencent and Taobao in the field of electronic commerce “war” has already begun.

“Daily News” reporter noted that last year, the acquisition of Tencent Forum system Discuz! (The country’s largest community-software system) platform and service provider Comsenz, open the way to 70% of the domestic forum of the channel. This means that, with the QQ account the growing and Discuz! Open forum account, in addition to relying on Baidu Union webmasters, Google Adsense advertising alliance to get into, but also through “QQ Union” to bring CPM advertising or promotional links.

Previously, Taobao has acquired the second largest forum system supplier PHPWind. Up to now, Taobao sellers also can use the “Amoy satisfaction” in the forum posted on PHPWind promotions.

electronic business platform for social-oriented

e-commerce platform for Tencent, Analysys International analyst Shou sent that e-commerce system than Alibaba, Tencent electricity distribution business relatively fragmented, weak systematic, and Alibaba has been formed, including Taobao, Alipay and other pattern, is a relatively large e-commerce architecture, the short term, Tencent or can not be exceeded.

however, can not be overlooked is that Tencent’s QQ has reached 701.9 million active users, peak concurrent users there are 136 million, which makes Tencent build on the strong user traffic from the user-based interactive “radio business platform “has a great imagination.

happy Founder and CEO Cheng Binghao on the “Daily News” reporter, said, SNS, and the combination of e-commerce is the future of a trend, happy had done a similar survey, the user share, more than 30% of the traffic and spending. He disclosed that the present network is also happy to prepare for the direction of social commerce.

However, Cheng Binghao said, the domestic community-based e-commerce site features a very obvious, but there are still two problems: First, only the seller community, no buyer community; second, only buyers social relationships with sellers, buyers and lack of social relationships between buyers, each buyer and other buyers are between the islands of information.

In addition, social-oriented e-commerce industry that is also low-cost electricity providers to obtain the user’s way of business.

According to the “Daily News” reporter, the current prevalence of domestic e-commerce marketing costs huge flow scarcity problems. There are data to show that, B2C companies by searching for a new user costs that are often 200 to 400 yuan, the marketing side of businesses to invest in the basic cost of turnover accounted for more than 20%, which also led to sustained loss of many B2C companies.

Wu Xiao-ray sources, Tencent social platform provider of electricity to these users will gradually open up and flow, with the open platform strategy of Tencent, integration QQ, QQ-mail, QQ space, Tencent microblogging , Tencent friends and other products for many electricity providers to build a more efficient traffic distribution model.

“We face some challenges, such as how to really put these huge flow of traffic into electricity provider.” Xiao Wu admits light for Tencent, how friends are providing the electricity supplier conversion rate has become Tencent problems.