Turkey earthquake caused damage to the prison inmates riot requirements go to the safe area

according to foreign reports, Turkey, a prison inmate relatives said that in the province where the earthquake hit, a prison inmate because the authorities refused to provide a more secure shelter and riot .

reported that ignited bedding prisoners protest, gunfire was heard inside the prison. Firefighters have to go to the prison.

prisoners’ families gathered outside the prison, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a killer shouting slogans to protest the government’s disregard of life and death of prisoners.

this is probably about 1,000 prison inmates in 23 prisons in 7.2-magnitude earthquake damaged.

authorities said, after the earthquake, about 200 prisoners escaped from prison. 50 people go home together with their loved ones after a brief return to prison.

present, Turkey earthquake has killed at least 459 people were killed.