What To Put On Bird Feeder Pole

Coconut oil is a super safe option too! The removable metal roof reveals a large opening that enables easy filling and cleaning.

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Suet feeders for woodpeckers, for example, will be more popular if placed near tree trunks or thick branches.

What to put on bird feeder pole. They have their own feeder, but, of course, prefer bird food. There is a right way to hang a feeder on a pole! Sit bird feeder on top.

I could make the perfect diy bird feeder pole with it and it was super affordable at just under $5. Dh put a cymbal(yes, like from our drum set!) on our feeder to prevent them from jumping from our deck to the bird feeder which he put on a swivel pole(his first attempt to keep them off!) lol. A pole system with a baffle in the proper location can be very effective against keeping squirrels off your bird feeder, says schaust.

You can easily do this with a conduit bender. Pvc and galvanized iron are also popular materials. The best way to protect a hanging bird feeder from squirrels is to hang it on a pole with a squirrel pole baffle.

I plan on putting in a pole with a little platform on top and sitting a decorative bird feeder on it. We found a clear one at the home improvement store and put it on the pole. These gadgets are mounted directly to the pole which first creates a barrier for the pesky pests.

Solution #2 was to grease the pole. One issue though, was that the conduit was straight and i needed a bend in it so i could hang my bird feeder. It took about a day for the squirrels to figure out how to get around it.

You can easily install the feeder pole directly onto the ground and then put some heap of rocks or cement around (if you fancy the idea) to make it sturdier. Here is what you need to know. The main reason i'm putting it in is to keep out the squirrels.

As a general rule, bury 25% or 30% of your post. If the seed in the feeder is blowing out or getting wet, it may be too exposed for birds to be comfortable, too. But if you just stick the pole anywhere and put the squirrel baffle on wrong, squirrels can get in.

This is a great way to hang a bird feeder and probably our favorite. These are the steps that you need to follow: Close the umbrella, unscrew the finial from the top of the pole, carefully remove each arm from its pocket in the fabric, remove the fabric and screw the finial back in.

Solution #1 was a bust. Place your bird feeder in a quiet spot. 13.88'' h x 14'' w x 11.13'' d.

Once i was home with my new bird feeder and pole, i quickly got to work hanging it. If your bird feeder stands on a yard stake or pole, consider lubricating the pole with cooking oil or grease to make it nice and slippery. Try moving the feeder to a calmer, more sheltered spot.

Our largest feeder with its mount and matching seed catcher tray weight around 25 pounds. You can hang them right out in the middle of your yard away from trees and buildings that. An effective way of keeping the squirrels away from your bird feeders is by installing a baffle or deflector.

Beyond this, the size of the feeder and your soil type must be taken into consideration. The first, and most obvious solution was to use a baffle. As you can see here, the process is quite simple.

An 8’ post needs a minimum of 2’ in the ground, a 12’ post 3’, etc. Put squirrel baffle around pole. Birds do not want to feel threatened while they are eating and are easily scared away by loud noises or sudden movements.

How to turn a patio umbrella into a bird feeder pole. Simple tricks to keep squirrels from climbing bird feeder poles mount a squirrel baffle or deflector. The best place to put a feeder will simulate a bird's natural feeding preferences.

Squirrel proof bird feeder pole. The pole length is completely up to you and provided you don’t have extremely rocky soil, the poles themselves usually go right into the ground with a little effort. A bird feeder placed by a constantly used door, street or play area will attract fewer birds and cause the ones who do appear to be constantly stressed.

If birds congregate nearby but just don’t come to your feeder, sprinkle seed between the favored area and the feeder. The pole allows the placing and hanging of feeders at the full spot as possible. Because squirrels can launch themselves to get to the feeder, proper placement of your pole and baffle system is.

This way the squirrel won’t be able to get a decent grip on the pole and will slide back down, hopefully giving up.

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