Zhang Jingan: Innovation must be based on international and global integration of resources

Sina Financial News September 25 News, in today’s Pujiang Innovation Forum, the Chinese high-tech Zhang Jingan District Association, said that innovation must be based on international and global integration of resources, also need to face the monopoly, and intellectual property financing protection of these three problems.

said Zhang Jingan, from “China” to “Created in China”, by “power” to “power” of the transformation must be based on an international basis. In this era of giving priority to efficiency, innovation and the generation must be built on the basis of the integration of global resources, which entrepreneurs are required to master the global innovation information. China’s current situation is the lack of international perspective and international thinking, lack of creative talent and the lack of international experience.

the same time he pointed out that innovation is now facing three major problems. The first is a monopoly, in its survey of 28 major industries monopolized by multinational corporations in 21, while the monopoly hindering innovation in SMEs; second major problem is the financing of SMEs; third major problem is the lack of protection of intellectual property .

In addition, there is innovation in China is now “four to four small”, namely: the face of the domestic market more than the international market less immediate and more long-term interests of the little more than imitate the cottage, less original, more entrepreneurial, innovative small. Innovation to its rules and methods, many companies no substantive business innovation, the ring shout slogans, but only a real cottage.

innovation in China but Zhang Jingan also expressed optimism about the prospects and the environment, “are now facing these challenges can be overcome. Very rapid innovation and development in China, more than 1,000 incubators, incubator companies with 50,000 , million business team, these people will be able to create international standards, but innovation is the lonely long-distance running, to the joint efforts of several generations, not instant success, so solid innovation, we can form a prairie fire. “